Competence, consulting and solutions in computational biology, data mining and vaccine development.

Immunoinformatics, Vaccines & analysis workflows
There are many approaches to immunotherapeutics and vaccines. What they have in common is the need to cause wanted and reasonably strong and specific immune responses while avoiding those putting drug recipients in danger. Immuno-informatics is a field within bio-informatics specialized in predicting antigen specificities (such as HLA types) or suggesting regions / sub-units of an antigen to retain or remove to get optimal sensitivity and specificity of the immune response. Or for gaining understanding where animal models and humans will react differently, particularly if small or compositionally biased antigen are used. More recently prevention of unwanted effects in the microbiome has increasingly come to the attention of developers. Depending on preferred or possible technologies available to sodatana clients we aim in the modeling and selection of sub-units or the assembly of artificial antigen. Both to meet biological requirements as well as to create novel IP.
Computational Biology & Data Integration
Product candidate selection and design based on computational biology explains and models biological processes using computers. In many respects similar to bio-informatics focus is more strongly on biology. Or put differently, computational biology solves biological problems by applying an engineering perspective, so using algorithms and data analysis. Very often this will require integration with existing data such as gene/protein expression patterns in tissues, known protein drug relationships or drug/drug or protein/protein relationships mined from literature or patent databases. Our approach is to analyze and understand a biological or business (and usually both) problem as detailed as required and then to design and apply a computational solution fitting our client’s needs.
Context, Competence & Consulting
Technology itself is without purpose. Sodatana is not about applying routine workflows, but about understanding process needs and requirements to design and develop a candidate which has the potential to be turned into a successful product. This can also mean that no computational work is needed, but an external perspective to provide alternative solutions. For this purpose sodatana prepares customized state-of the art reviews on biomedical subjects of our clients' choice. This is particularly useful for opening new routes of development or seeing biomedical connections not considered before. Areas of application include product repositioning, developing a market niche or strengthening arguments for a solid or unique IP position. If applicable and desired proof of concept analysis for extending state of the art can be included.

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Technical expertise

Many years of experience in programming, data analysis & workflow automation, building of machine-learning models, integration of large heterogeneous datasets into relational databases, text mining, work with protein / drug networks and typical applications in bio-informatics and immuno-informatics such as sequence databases, B- and T-cell epitope prediction, working with large sequence sets, protein and genome annotation and protein homology modeling.

Biomedical Background

Dr. Johannes Söllner is a PhD level molecular geneticist with longstanding experience in the pre-clinical commercial development of vaccines (subunit and peptides) and diagnostics usually with an infectious disease focus as well as the repositioning of drugs using protein/drug/disease networks.

Integration and beyond

Sodatana always focuses on providing meaningful solutions for creating an edge in the R&D of our clients. Independent whether early conceptualization of a workflow, practical issues in analysis, scaling of an analysis process or biomedical interpretation. We integrate technical, scientific and business perspectives and help your processes where needed. Whether technical setup, analysis, knowledge formulation or communication of concepts to third parties we help our clients strengthen their market position.