Sodatana has been founded and is solely run by Johannes Söllner, PhD. Currently there is not plan to extend the number of employees and Johannes has to collect all his professional input from clients and collaboration partners. Which is a good thing as it helps to focus on client interests rather than internal policies and politics. You will receive his full attention.

Fun aside, Johannes background is genetics with a specialization on bio-informatics and a focus on immuno-informatics, data-integration, automation and vaccines. But still truly feeling and thinking as a biologist he is mostly interested in understanding biology and working to convert this knowledge into therapies and diagnostics.

Aside of this Johannes believes in gentle but authentic relationships and the power of collaboration based on listening and respect.

Johannes Söllner

Johannes Söllner, founder and CEO of sodatana. I could certainly have used a differnt foto but found my clients might be more interest in an authentic representation than an advertisement.

Science presentation

Presentation of science and the connection to telling interesting stories is of importance to science and businesses alike. This is my go on explaining immunoinformatics at a Science Slam in Vienna (recorded in german). Have fun watching a (much) younger me.